End of Year Report 2017

Dear Neighbors and Friends,
The Holidays are just around the corner and so is my “End of Year Report” –
– 2017 started with a bang – Homes could not get on the market fast enough – Buyers very motivated – Multiple offers back – Inventory low
– Jan – April: Updated – remodeled homes with “curb appeal” sold within days …..
– May – June: Several homes on the market, buyers demanding and “picky, under contract within 1-2 weeks
– July – Aug: Summer slow down – buyers out, but holding out for Fall
– Sept – November: Inventory stays at an all time low – huge Open Houses – contracts within days
Have several buyers waiting in line
Yes: Buyers are demanding – Yes – Appraisers still have the final word – and can, at times, depress our final outcome
But some things never change:
Buyers know that they are not just buying a Home – They are buying a Village
Our Carderock is the BEST PLACE to live
Wishing you and your families a joyful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year,
Your Friend and Neighbor,
P.S.: Take a moment and check out my webpage – www.carderock.net Never hesitate to call me: 301-233-4090

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